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13-D SC 13D/A 7/11/2019
11-K 11-K 6/26/2019 6/26/2019
Abstract: Registrant filed the annual report for the DNB First 401(k) retirement plan.
Prospectus 425 6/6/2019
Prospectus 425 6/6/2019
8-K 8-K 6/5/2019 6/5/2019
Abstract: On June 5, registrant and S&T Bancorp Inc. announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which S&T Bancorp will acquire the registrant in an all-stock transaction. The agreement and plan of merger, among other things, was included by exhibit.
Prospectus 425 6/5/2019
Prospectus 425 6/5/2019
Prospectus 425 6/5/2019
13-D SC 13D/A 5/29/2019
8-K 8-K 5/22/2019 5/22/2019
Abstract: On May 22, registrant declared a cash dividend of 7 cents per common share for the second quarter of 2019, payable June 18 to shareholders as of June 5.
13-D SC 13D/A 5/13/2019
10-Q 10-Q 5/6/2019 3/31/2019
13-D SC 13D/A 4/25/2019
8-K 8-K 4/24/2019 4/24/2019
Abstract: 8-K filed by DNB Financial Corp. (DNBF) covering Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holder.
8-K 8-K 4/23/2019 4/23/2019
Abstract: On April 23, registrant reported its net income for the quarter ended March 31.
Proxy PX14A6G 4/23/2019
13-D SC 13D/A 4/11/2019
Proxy DEFA14A 4/11/2019
13-D SC 13D/A 4/9/2019
Proxy PX14A6G 4/4/2019

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